This will be a small collection of some of the random side projects I do when I get inspired. This first one is a bike I'm putting together. The base is a 1976 Honda CB 200T. Fat wheels, murdered out frame/ exhaust, lowered bars, brat style seat, and minimal fenders are just some of the upgrades this guy will get.

A co-worker was speaking with me recently and told me that his wife was trying to turn him on to some new music. His response was, "Jake put me on to this about 6 months ago." Needless to say, she was disappointed, but also interested in what other music I was forecasting. I crafted this album in hopes of introducing her to some of the new kids on deck.

The Purina Design Team wanted to design a new studio space. I wanted to visualize our ideas, so I built a 3D model which allowed us to validate things through the business. It must have worked, because a few months later we were rockin' the new digs.